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1. NEJM Examines Health Impacts of Gas
2. Williams Pipeline Permit Withdrawal
3. Laura Shindell in the Times-Union
4. First 2020 IGSHPA Geothermal AI Training

1. NEJM Examines Health Impacts of Gas

The New England Journal of Medicine gives a physician’s perspective on natural gas in "The False Promise of Natural Gas." The article provides an in-depth look at the health impacts of this fossil fuel as well as some serious prescriptions for policy action. It says, in part: "But beneath this rosy narrative lies a more complex story. Gas is associated with health and environmental hazards and reduced social welfare at every stage of its life cycle."

Thanks to Barbara Sattler at the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments for this tip.

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2. Latest Williams Pipeline Permit Withdrawal

From Politico New York Energy (2019 12 02) by Samantha Maldonado:

Williams Companies last week withdrew the final permit it had submitted to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for construction of a pipeline that would supply natural gas to New York City and Long Island. The freshwater wetlands permit was the only permit remaining with the DEP after the company withdrew three permit applications in October. Williams is awaiting approval from New York. The Department of Environmental Conservation has indicated it will make a decision on the new application by May 17. The project has been the subject of intense opposition from environmentalists and a public dispute between National Grid, the utility that will purchase the gas, and New York regulators.
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3. Laura Shindell in the Times-Union

From Politico New York Energy (2019 12 02), an opinion piece in the Times-Union by Laura Shindell, an organizer with Food & Water Watch Action:

Regarding energy, we have to change what we think is possible. We need leaders who can see the future, not "experts" who are stuck in the past. While the dirty energy industry gives us two horrible options in pipelines or fracked gas trucks, New Yorkers choose option C: sensible efficiency policies and a rapid transition to clean, renewable energy so that we can finally get off fossil fuels.
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4. First 2020 IGSHPA Geothermal AI Training

IGSHPA Trainer Peter Tavino with be teaching the 3-day IGSHPA Accredited Installer geothermal course in West Nyack January 21st to 23rd. NYSERDA funding will allow New York workers to attend this course for half price. Certification from this training is necessary for companies wishing to participate in the NYSERDA geothermal rebate program.

Click here for information about the training. To register, or seek more information, contact Peter Tavino at Pete@LitchfieldGeothermal.com or text him at 860-459-8279.

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