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1. New! NY-GEO Policy Advisory Board
2. California: Decommission Gas by 2045?
3. More on the Con Ed $3,000 Incentive
4. GHPs Address Six Microgrid Imperatives
5. Career Corner

1. NY-GEO Policy Advisory Board Appointed

NY-GEO has appointed a Policy Advisory Board (PAB) comprised of members who have taken an active interest in policies to advance the geothermal industry in New York State. PAB members are showcased with short bios on a new page on the NY-GEO website.

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2. California Solution: Decommission Gas by 2045?

From a Clean Technica article dated September 10th, 2020 written by the Rocky Mountain Institute:

Researchers at Energy and Environment Economics (E3) mapped out several paths for the California Air Resources Board in their recent report Achieving Carbon Neutrality in California. In this report, E3 evaluates three different scenarios to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045: "Zero Carbon Energy," "Balanced," and "High Carbon Dioxide Removal." Each varied in how much it relies on directly cutting fossil fuel emissions (such as electrifying buildings) versus relying upon carbon dioxide removal strategies (such as direct air capture and land-based carbon sinks).

This report adds to a growing body of work that makes clear that aggressive building electrification is required to truly tackle climate change.

One of the key takeaways from the E3 report is that aggressive building electrification is considered a "least-regret" strategy to get to carbon neutrality by 2045, meaning it's required for the state to reach its carbon goals in a cost-effective manner. In all three paths to carbon neutrality that E3 evaluated, the retail natural gas distribution system will need to undergo "a significant reduction in use," and one of the scenarios recommends the complete decommissioning of the system by 2045."

The table below (from page 35 of the Achieving Carbon Neutrality in California report) shows the differing needs for switching to electric appliances based on the three scenarios. The graph below (from the Rocky Mountain Institute report) shows how the electrical appliance sales might change over time based on the "Balanced" scenario.

Thanks to NY-GEO member Paul Coons for this tip.

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For Our Readers

See the New York Heat Pump Incentive Table here.

NOTE: LIPA/PSEG-LI rebates are not included in this table, but can be found here, under the section "Higher Rebates."

NYSERDA Ground Source Heat Pump video

More Just In!

3. More on the Con Edison $3,000 Incentive

Last week we reported on a $3,000 incentive offered by Con Edison in addition to their $2,850 per ton rebate for geothermal installations. The $3,000 pre-payment incentive is paid to the contractor at the time of application and is not required to be passed along to the customer until the project is complete. The installer will have that incentive available for operations to improve cash flow.

Also, the application only needs to be submitted by 10/31 to get the extra $3,000. However, the project does not need to be completed until up to 120 days later (about 2/28/2021).

ICF is Con Ed's contractor for the geothermal program and they have expressed a strong willingness to help contractors through the application process. Contact Joe Cascio at joe@conedisonresidential.com for more information.

NY-GEO urges contractors to take advantage of this bonus. If it is successful in stimulating the market as the company intends, utilities across the state will have this bonus as an example of a measure that will help them to meet their heat pump goals.

Below are some images used for GHP outreach to Con Ed customers.

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4. GHPs Address Six Microgrid Imperatives

"Six microgrid imperatives addressed by geothermal heat pumps" is a 2-page article by NY-GEO member Will Lange, WaterFurnace’s Director of Business Development & Utility Marketing. Published in Distributed Energy magazine, Lange notes:

...microgrids will play a role in the future of energy distribution. How many meters will be on a microgrid in 2030 is hard to predict. Nevertheless, it’s a good bet that there will be quite a few more than today. With that in mind, here are six microgrid paradigms with corresponding design imperatives.

They are:

  1. Power is Precious
  2. Onsite Sourcing is Best
  3. Electricity is the Highest Form of Energy
  4. Disruptions are Your Problem
  5. Storage is Good
  6. Climate Resilience is critical

Lange explains these imperatives and notes how geothermal heat pumps help address each of them.

In addition to the web article, WaterFurnace has published a brochure that contains the article and a back page listing seven utility challenges with a sentence for each on how geothermal heating and cooling helps solve that challenge.

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5. Career Corner

NOTE: International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) Accredited Installer (AI) Certification is necessary for companies wishing to participate in the NYSERDA geothermal rebate program.

See TRAINING here.


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