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1. More on Timely Payments for Contractors
2. Rory Christian Appointed Chair of Public Service Commission
3. VTOU Electric Rate Saves Big for Geo/EV Homeowner
4. Career Corner

1. More on Timely Payments for Contractors

NY-GEO is getting reports from some contractors that payments have become more timely, while they’ve remained atrociously slow for others, causing crippling cash flow problems.  We continue to be available to help with these issues at nygeoinfo@gmail.com.  We’d like to reiterate the process that we’ve set up below.  Please do contact the utility program manager if ICF is not responding in a timely and responsive manner.  Please don’t hesitate to let us know when, after making these contacts, things are still not working and you’d like help. 

To prevent delays in rebate payments, NY-GEO and the Clean Heat Joint Management Committee (JMC) are targeting a 3-business day limit for responses to contractor applications and any subsequent revisions.

NY-GEO urges contractors to take the following steps if they don’t hear back on their submission to ICFwithin 3 business days.  ICF is the contractor the JMC has hired to process applications.  ICF has recently hired a half dozen new employees to speed up its operation.

  • If ICF does not respond or if you have a problem with their response, contact the utility Program Manager as listed below.
  • If the Program Manager is not available or not able to help resolve the issue in a timely fashion, email NY-GEO at nygeoinfo@gmail.com or call us at 716-316-7674.

Central Hudson

Ray Cotto, Associate Energy Efficiency Program Manager
Phone: (845) 486-5750, Email: RCotto@cenhud.com

Con Ed

Will Xia, Program Manager

Phone: (646) 761-1851, Email: xiaw@coned.com

National Grid

Ayomide Balogun, Senior Program Manager
Phone: (518) 419-7365 Email: ayomide.balogun@nationalgrid.com


Nicole Williams - Program Manager, Conservation and Load Management
Phone: 585-484-6592, Email: nicole.williams@nyseg.com

 Orange & Rockland

Mark Maloney

Phone: (845) 577-2433, Email: maloneym@oru.com


Governor Hochul Designates Rory M. Christian As Chair Of The Public Service Commission

"I am pleased to designate Rory Christian chair of the PSC," Governor Hochul said. "His deep expertise on utility operations and regulation, environmental policy, and community engagement make him uniquely qualified to help the State address the climate crisis while achieving PSC's core mission to maintain reliable and affordable utility service.  I have high expectations that under Rory's leadership, the PSC will advance innovative energy and telecommunications policy, protect consumers, enhance utility reliability and resilience, foster economic development, and responsibly tackle the challenge of climate change."

Rory M. Christian


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See the New York Heat Pump Incentive Table here.

NOTE: LIPA/PSEG LI rebates are not included in this table, but can be found here, under the section "Higher Rebates."

NYSERDA Ground Source Heat Pump video

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VTOU Electric Rate Saves Big for Geo/EV Homeowner

Jens Ponikau is a NY-GEO board member and leads Buffalo Geothermal Heating.  He’s also a homeowner with a geothermal system and his family are electric vehicle drivers.  In this video (passcode - %JQ0.v37), Jens talks about his experience using National Grid’s Voluntary Time of Use (VTOU) electricity rate, where he estimates he’s paying only 2/3rds of what he’d be paying at the regular residential rate.  Note the off peak hours in the bill below are more than three times those of on peak, yet the total charge for those hours is LESS than the charge for the on peak hours.  Please note - the VTOU rate does not work as well for buildings with Solar PV, and each utility has a different TOU rate in effect, some with provisions that don't work as well for geothermal heating and cooling as National Grid's.

Click image to see an enlarged version.

4. Career Corner

NOTE: International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) Accredited Installer (AI) Certification is necessary for companies wishing to participate in the New York State geothermal rebate program.


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2021 TOP JOB Award Winner

ZBF Geothermal's
Beach Greens Dunes II

Beach Green Dunes II TJ winner

2017 TOP JOB Award Winner

Buffalo Geothermal's
Lockport Housing Authority Installation

Lockport Housing Authority Installation

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 at Noon - 1PM
"From Feasibility to Verification: Tools for Successful Geothermal Installations"
  - Noon to 1 PM EDT - In this session you will hear about a web-based software platform, called GeoFease to quickly model a building and associated ground loop.  Then you’ll get an overview of a popular ground loop design software, GLD, used by many top designers for larger commercial buildings.  A new product to monitor installed geothermal ground loops called GeoEnsure in larger commercial buildings, that sends performance data directly to cloud-based software powered predictive analytics platform.  The session will also introduce a web-based tool developed for New York City called the NYC Geothermal Pre-Feasibility Tool to explore the feasibility of different types of ground heat exchangers on a block-by-block basis. Good stuff! 


  • Ed Lohrenz / GEOptimize  - GeoFease
  • Dan Bernstein / Gaia Geothermal – GLD & GeoEnsure
  • John Rhyner /CDM Smith - NYC Geothermal Pre-Feasibility Tool

Pre-register here. If you pre-register, you will be emailed the Zoom link to join live. You can also register just prior to the start to join the live webinar.

See the full webinar schedule here.

If you missed a session, you can view the video here.

NY-GEO has moved our annual conference to March 23rd and 24th, 2022 so we can be sure we'll all be able to meet in-person safely.

All paid registrations from the 2020/2021 conference will carry forward to NY-GEO 2022.

Contact nygeoinfo@gmail.com with any questions.


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