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1. 2019 Top Job Winner
2. Geo Tax Exemption Bill
3. NY-GEO in Wall Street Journal

1. 2019 Top Job Winner

The NY-GEO 2019 GeoStar Top Job winner made the cover of the latest issue of GeoOutlook. Halco's conversion of the historic Noble house in Fayetteville, New York is a great story of geothermal and energy efficiency measures bringing a house built in the early 1800's into the age of renewable energy.

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2. Geo Tax Exemption Bill

On June 4th Senator James Sanders, Jr., the Chair of the NY Senate Committee on Banks, from Queens introduced S6310, which "Provides an exemption for the sale and installation of residential and commercial geothermal heat pump systems equipment."

This bill would give geothermal parity with solar PV, which has enjoyed a NYS sales tax exemption for residential systems since 2005 and for commercial installations since 2012. Check out NY-GEO's support letter for this legislation and stay tuned for more news on this initiative.

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NYSERDA Ground Source Heat Pump video

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3. NY-GEO in Wall Street Journal

On May 20th a Wall Street Journal editorial attacked Governor Cuomo for the NY Department of Environmental Conservation's decision to reject the proposed Williams gas pipeline under New York Harbor. See New York Geo's response that was published in the Journal on June 7th or here if you have a Journal subscription.

And for fun, see the original op-ed response we submitted by scrolling down this page—"Rip Van Winkle Lives"—that the Wall Street Journal rejected.

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