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Happy Earth Day 2019!

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1. Geo Utility Responds to Gas Moratorium
2. NYC's Ambitious Climate Rules for Biggest Emitters
3. NY-GEO 2018 Year in Review
4. MORE IGSHPA AI Training Offered

1. Geo Utility Responds to Gas Moratorium

Having been stunned by the recent gas moratorium announcement by Con Edison, developers in New York's Westchester County have received an offer they might not want to refuse…

The state is encouraging them to seek alternative technologies for heating, cooling and hot water. Developers are concerned with their potential additional costs, negative impact on construction schedules, increased complexity and risk.

Enter Diverso, a member of NY-GEO, to offer developers a lifeline in wake of Con Ed's natural gas freeze. Ontario-based Diverso Energy has a unique solution where they take on all the risk, plus…

Read more about it.

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2. NYC's Ambitious Climate Rules for Biggest Emitters

Plans approved on April 18, 2019 by the City Council of New York are expected to cut greenhouse gas emissions from large buildings by 40% compared to 2005 levels by 2030. Buildings account for two-thirds of the city’s emissions.

Read more about it at Inside Climate News.

Thank you to Green Energy Times for alerting us to this news.

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NYSERDA Ground Source Heat Pump video

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3. NY-GEO 2018 Year in Review

Several attendees at the conference have asked for the slides from the 2019 NY-GEO Conference "2018 Year in Review" presentation. We have put them up on the website here.

We will be making other conference presentations available as we process them.

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4. MORE IGSHPA AI Training Offered in May

NY-GEO and IGSHPA are proud to announce two 3-day Geothermal Accredited Installer training workshops in May:

Fifty percent of the tuition and travel cost will be paid by the sponsors for NY workers, reducing the cost from $1200 to $600. AI certification is necessary to receive NYSERDA and PSEG rebates for your geothermal installations.

To register for the West Nyack training, contact IGSHPA Trainer Pete@LitchfieldGeothermal.com at least a week before the class starts. See Litchfield Geothermal for the schedule of trainings given by Peter Travino.

To register for the Farmingdale training, go to Farmingdale State College.

See IGSHPA Accredited Installer training for more information about Accredited Installer training.

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