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1. Trash, Gas and False Solutions
2. Upstate NY Has Cleanest Electricity
3. John B. Howard Interim Chair of PSC
4. Major Job Opportunity!
5. Career Corner

1. Trash, Gas and False Solutions

NY Renews, the coalition that led the push for passage of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, released a report on February 24, 2021 titled False Solutions Gas and trash: how the fossil fuel industry is holding back a just transition. It analyzes measures that are being put forward by the fossil fuel industry and others.

An email announcing the report says:

In 2019, NYS passed the historic Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, that requires an economy-wide zero greenhouse gas emissions mandate by the year 2050 and requires state investment in communities hit hardest by pollution and the climate crisis.

However, the fossil fuel industry is fighting hard to maintain the status quo when it comes to emissions in New York by proposing insidious techno-"fixes" that let them stay relevant and keep making money while looking "green".

The report "[p]roduced by the NY Renews Policy Committee and written by Lew Daly…details five sections of false solutions that are often described as 'clean' or 'green' but in reality are just as dirty as their fossil fuel counterparts."

There will be a Zoom webinar on the report Thursday, March 3rd at 1:00 PM; you can register here.

2. eGRID: Upstate NY Has the Cleanest Electricity in the US

The US EPA has released 2019 data for its Emissions & Generation Resource Integrated Database (eGRID) interactive webpage. It shows upstate New York has by far the cleanest supply of electricity of any eGRID subregion in the country. Upstate electricity suppliers emitted 233 lbs. of CO2e per MWh of power produced. This is slightly more than half of the California region's (CAMX) 2nd place rate, and slightly more than a quarter of the national average of 889 lbs./MWh.

New York City/Westchester ranked 5th cleanest of the 27 eGRID subregions at 555 lbs./MWh. In contrast, Long Island ranks the 6th dirtiest at 1,209 lbs./MWh. The eGRID data reinforces the importance of New York's wind projects being developed off the shores of Long Island.

As a state, New York ranks 6th cleanest, just ahead of California. Vermont is cleanest, followed by Maine, Idaho, New Hampshire and Washington. Wyoming, which borders Idaho, is the dirtiest, just above West Virginia and Kentucky.

Thanks to NY-GEO member Bob Wyman for this tip.

eGRID CO2 emissions

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3. John B. Howard Named Interim Chair of the PSC

In a press release, "Governor Cuomo Designates John B. Howard as Interim Chair of the Public Service Commission; Interim CEO of the Department of Public Service," dated February 26, 2021 the NYS Department of Public Service reported:

The New York State Department of Public Service (Department) announced today that Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has designated John B. Howard as the Interim Chair of the Public Service Commission (PSC) and Interim Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Public Service. Mr. Howard fills the vacancy created on February 26, 2021 with the departure of John B. Rhodes, whose term as Chair and CEO had expired.

…Howard has served the State for nearly 40 years…in various roles in the Legislative and Executive branches, with vast experience in the energy sector.
Read the full press release here.

PSC Int Chair John B. Howard

4. Building Decarbonization Coalition is Expanding to New York

The Building Decarbonization Coalition is expanding and seeking a director. "In this newly created position, the New York Director supports the Coalition’s vision and serves as one of the organization’s state-based directors."

From their website:

Creating safe, healthy & affordable communities through all-electric, clean energy homes & buildings. The Building Decarbonization Coalition unites building industry stakeholders with energy providers, environmental organizations and local governments to power California's homes and workspaces with clean energy.

View their Job Opportunities page the qualifications and characteristics necessary are at the bottom.

5. Career Corner

NOTE: International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) Accredited Installer (AI) Certification is necessary for companies wishing to participate in the New York State geothermal rebate program.


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