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1. Heat Pump Webinar 6/24
2. Pipeline Beats Heat Pumps?
3. CA Future of Gas

1. Heat Pump Webinar 6/24

NY-GEO Board member Jens Ponikau will be one of four panelists in a teach-in, sponsored by New Yorkers for Clean Power, focused on New Efficiency: New York and the role heat pumps can play in cutting greenhouse gases in the heating sector.

The webinar will run from 7:00 to 8:30 PM and will also feature Jessica Azulay of the Alliance for a Green Economy, Cornell scientist and methane expert Bob Howarth and Valerie Strauss of the Association for Energy Affordability.

Register here for this important online teach-in to learn what you can do to promote comprehensive utility energy efficiency & heat pump (not pipelines) programs!

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2. Pipeline Beats Heat Pumps?

Marie French of Politico NY Energy (Politico New York Energy Newsletter 2019 06 14) reports on a study, Life Cycle Analysis of the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project:

A report commissioned by National Grid on the lifecycle emissions of the Williams Northeast Supply Enhancement pipeline finds that greenhouse gas emissions would be lower than a no-pipeline scenario that assumes more aggressive adoption of heat pumps than NYSERDA's analysis. The report claims that's true in a scenario including upstream methane leakage estimates from the Environmental Defense Fund, as well. Opponents slammed the report as "cherry-picked" because it only looks at a comparison over 10 years.
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NYSERDA Ground Source Heat Pump video

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3. CA Future of Gas

An article on the Sierra Club website, Transitioning California Off Gas Could Lower Costs and Prioritize Low-Income Communities, reviews a presentation given to the California Energy Commission by Energy and Environmental Economics (E3) called Draft Results: Future of Natural Gas Distribution in California, a 69-page graphic-rich presentation.

The Sierra Club review notes “For too long, California’s massive gas system has been the elephant in the room when policymakers talk about solutions to the climate crisis. But that’s beginning to change…. Building electrification is the lowest-cost and lowest-risk pathway for California to cut climate pollution.

Thanks to Joe Parsons from ClimateMaster for bringing this to our attention and Bill Martin of California GEO for his excellent ongoing work.

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