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Why We Went Geo August 16 2016

... I think we made a great choice in investing our money. Since we save about $108 a month, it’s like getting a tax-free dividend check every month regardless of stock market fluctuations! How much do your stocks, bonds and mutual funds pay you?

Buffalo News Article cites NY-GEO Member August 10 2015

 The Buffalo News cites NY-GEO Member Buffalo Geothermal and Natale Builders in their article

Nature Watch: We should tap into the energy stored in the ground

21st Century Heating & Cooling January 17 2015

Are you concerned about how to keep your home warm as fossil fuel supplies continue to dwindle and the price rises?

Are you concerned about the air pollution your furnace or boiler is sending up your chimney?

Do you wonder if there is an alternative to high electric bills from air conditioning in the summer?

Geothermal heating and cooling can allay your concerns. It is the most efficient way to condition indoor spaces, by drawing up heat from the ground in winter and returning it in summer.