Cuomo Rips National Grid on LI News Radio October 21 2019, 0 Comments

Governor Cuomo was a guest on LI News Radio with Jay Oliver on October 15 speaking about the National Grid moratorium in the downstate region.

He said, in part:

The pipeline, if it was approved today, Jay, would take 12 months, 18 months to build, okay? That's the best-case scenario…Where was National Grid's plan to provide gas for the next year or 18 months?... How did they not prepare for this situation? And that was their legal fiduciary responsibility - and that's what the Public Service Commission has to investigate. How could you be turning off all these people when you were never going to get the gas in time anyway, even if the pipeline was built?
Listen to the entire interview or read the radio interview transcript.

See PSC Chair John Rhodes' order for NGrid to hook up 1,157 residential and small business customers.