Gas Moratorium Conflict August 26 2019, 0 Comments

From POLITICO's Danielle Muoio and Marie J. French (2019 08 23):

Downstate gas moratoria have placed some environmentally conscious politicians in a rhetorical bind: how do you push for less reliance on natural gas while demanding utilities expand gas service in the short term? National Grid has said it will not approve requests for new or upgraded gas service in its territory in New York City and Long Island until the state approves the $1 billion natural gas pipeline, arguing there is a lack of adequate gas supply until the line is built. The move has roiled developers and business owners who say their inability to get gas has threatened projects and jeopardized their operations. Amid mounting outcry, elected leaders who have opposed the pipeline are now calling on National Grid to approve new gas hookups. Some have even raised concerns with more environmentally-friendly alternatives such as electrification, stating in a recent letter that it would "put further strain on the ConEd grid, which has already experienced multiple major blackouts."

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