NGrid Communications Slammed October 21 2019, 0 Comments

From Marie French, Politico New York Energy (2019 10 18):

Two Public Service Commissioners criticized National Grid's approach to a de-facto moratorium on new gas service downstate during a meeting on Thursday. The commissioners lambasted the utility for abruptly imposing a halt to new gas service. The PSC also endorsed, by a 4-1 vote, a one-commissioner order directing National Grid to reconnect 1,157 customers who were denied gas hookups. The order provides a remedy for small commercial and residential customers who previously had service but moved to a different location or had disconnected during renovations that didn't increase their gas usage. "I believe that this was an intentional, chaotic, confusing, pipeline approval strategy," said Public Service Commissioner Tracey Edwards, who is from Long Island. "I think that was just — it was mean." Grid officials have said they cannot safely provide additional firm gas service on Long Island and in Brooklyn and Queens without approvals for the controversial Northeast Supply Enhancement project to bring more supply to the region. The utility stopped processing new or increased gas service applications following the Department of Environmental Conservation's denial of a key permit for the pipeline in May.

—Bloomberg highlights the case of Providence House, a nonprofit that provides housing for homeless mothers and can't start operations because of a lack of gas. "The nonprofit took its case to the state's Public Service Commission... It looks like the move is paying off: In late September, the agency ordered National Grid to turn on the gas.