NYISO Proposes NY Carbon Pricing October 14 2019, 0 Comments

A new study, led by energy policy and economics expert Dr. Susan Tierney of the Analysis Group, finds several key benefits of carbon pricing. Read the key findings.

The study was cited in a NYISO proposal to put a carbon charge on fossil fuel burning proving “carbon pricing helps New York meet clean energy goals faster, more reliably, and at a lower cost."

The NYISO proposal puts a carbon charge on fossil fuel burning for electricity generation but not for on-site burning for heating buildings and internal combustion engines. Thus, it increases the price of electricity used to power heat pumps and electric vehicles but not the gas, propane or oil used for heating and the gasoline for motor vehicles that contributes significantly to high greenhouse gas emissions.

This could lead to unintended consequences by retarding the beneficial electrification of the heating and transportation sectors. This issue is not addressed in the key findings document.

See the Analysis Group Summary for Policy Makers.

Thanks to Politico New York Energy (2019 10 08) for alerting us to this item.