139 Organizations Call for the No Infrastructure Option June 08 2020

A key decision by the Public Service Commission about National Grid is looming. With the rejection of the Williams Pipeline, the PSC has a crucial decision to make on how the gas needs of National Grid’s downstate customers will be met. National Grid’s second choice as presented to the Commission is to build out other gas infrastructure, especially the Iroquois Pipeline.

Clean energy advocates have come out in favor of a no infrastructure option that involves energy efficiency, demand response, and heat pumps. As of 12:30 PM on Sunday June 7th 139 organizations, including NY-GEO, had signed on to a letter urging the Governor and the PSC to require the no infrastructure option.

Organizational sign ons to the letter are due by 10 AM Monday, June 8th. Individuals can submit a comment here. A decision by the PSC may come as early as its monthly meeting, this Thursday, June 11th.