Affordable Housing in Queens Features GHPs February 24 2020

AMNY's Todd Maisel reported February 19, 2020 on Beach Green Dunes II, an 8-story building with 128 units. He wrote:

...[It] features geo-thermal energy generation from ground water taken from 36 wells 450 deep into the ground...thereby reducing energy to heat the water. This results in a 75% savings on water heating. The development also features extensive use of solar panels, both on the roof and in the court yard.

...Collectively residents are expected to save approximately $30,000 per year on their electric bills as a result of the efficient geothermal system and LED lighting throughout.
NY-GEO member ZBF Geothermal initiated the geothermal system for the project. According to Zach Fink of ZBF, "Cooling is $10/month per apartment, compared to hundreds for AC normally," and "The system is designed to save 75% compared to hydronic PTAC [Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning] units, which they would normally install."