California: Electrification to Cut Energy Costs February 24 2020

Greentech Media's Justin Gerdes reported February 20, 2020 on Southern California Edison's Vision for How the State Achieves Carbon Neutrality:

Spoiler: There's no happy ending for natural gas.

Natural-gas consumption is set for a sharp drop in California as the state pushes to achieve carbon neutrality by midcentury, according to utility Southern California Edison.

…Gas and other fossil fuels will continue to play a role, albeit one that is rapidly diminishing. The state's growing share of carbon-free electricity will increasingly displace fossil fuels in buildings and vehicles.

…The larger vision…is detailed in SoCal Edison's recently published analysis, "Pathway 2045," a roadmap for how California can meet the ambitious clean energy and climate goals set by the legislature and former Governor Jerry Brown.

…Unlike California's other major investor-owned utilities San Diego Gas & Electric and Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison is an electricity-only utility and has been especially bullish in supporting widespread electrification of buildings and vehicles. SCE's service territory overlaps that of the single-fuel Southern California Gas Company, a thorny challenge state policymakers must manage as California works to hit its 2045 targets. [This situation parallels National Grid vs. National Fuel Gas in Western NY and National Grid’s gas divisions vs. Con Edison and PSEG-LI downstate.]

…SoCal Edison believes customers will come out ahead in a decarbonized, electrified California.

…Electricity bills would go up as buildings and vehicles transition from fossil fuels to clean electricity, the utility estimates, but overall annual energy spend for the average residential customer would fall by one-third, decreasing to $3,130 in 2045.
Thanks to NY-GEO member Ron Kamen for this tip.