California Gas Hookup Cost July 13 2020

Redwood Energy in Arcata, California bill themselves as the "Foremost Zero Net Energy Specialists in Multifamily Housing." Their A Zero Emissions All-Electric Single-Family Construction Guide white paper states on page 7:

A study prepared for the Pacific Gas and Electric Company found that the gas-related construction costs for a mixed-fuel home can be up to $30,800 for an average single-family home, all paid by the buyer; this includes the difference between gas and electric appliances, in-house gas piping and infrastructure, and onsite gas infrastructure. Other cost estimates from California’s gas and electric utilities are shown below in Figure 8. Avoided gas infrastructure costs include $140-360 per foot for low-pressure distribution lines, $16,570 for the meter and lateral, and $200-1,000 piping cost per fixture.

Here is an image of the Figure 8 graphic.