Cluster Action Initiative Impact on Geothermal Jobs November 23 2020

NY State has issued guidance on its Cluster Action Initiative on COVID-19 regulations. Stay tuned for more on this, but for now, the Capital Region Builders and Remodelers Association (CRBRA) notes:

In October, Gov. Cuomo introduced a new cluster action initiative to address COVID-19 hotspots by placing new rules and restrictions on areas that are identified as yellow, orange and red zones. Yellow zones are precautionary, orange zones are warning zones and red zones are the cluster itself. Once identified as a red zone, all non-essential business must cease. We were very happy to see that the updated description for construction as an essential business reads as follows:

Construction projects may continue, but any work that can be done remotely such as office-based work must proceed remotely, to the extent practicable. Employees/personnel who are not directly involved in in-person work at the business location/construction site are prohibited.
Cluster Action Initiative image