Con Ed Asks to Market 3rd Party Loop Ownership! August 10 2020

Con Edison has filed a 7-page request for authorization to spend $7 Million over the next 3 years on non-pipe solution projects that include:

  • Behavioral Demand Response
  • Heat as a Service, (HaaS) and
  • Solar Photovoltaic Heat Recovery
From page 6 of the filing:
Under the proposed HaaS model, technology vendors would invest the upfront capital to own clean heating systems or components such as variable refrigerant flow units or geothermal ground loops at a customer site and charge that customer a monthly fee to provide the site heating and cooling from the equipment. This service contract would also include maintenance to keep the system operating as expected for the duration of its expected useful life. These financing offers would be similar to the service fee business model for solar projects. This business model should reduce the high upfront cost barriers to adoption of clean heating technologies. It has been successful in this regard in the solar industry. Con Edison would consider marketing third-party financing offers to customers and/or contractors for high-efficiency electric heating technologies. The Company requests funding for marketing and implementation activities. This solution could result in the increased adoption of these technologies for an estimated 2,654 peak day dekatherm reduction and support statewide goals to use private capital to achieve carbon reductions.