Cuomo Launches $50M Empire Building Challenge October 05 2020

On September 22, 2020 Gov. Cuomo launched the new Empire Building Challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to combat climate change and stimulate job creation. The first round applications are due October 22.

From the NYSERDA announcement:

Public-Private Partnership with the Real Estate Community Will Develop Replicable and Scalable Clean Energy Solutions and Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Upgrades

High-rise buildings, particularly in New York City, face unique challenges when it comes to implementing carbon emissions reduction measures. These barriers to progress include tenant disruption, upfront cost and the sheer size and scale of high-rise buildings. The Empire Building Challenge will address crucial innovation gaps in the clean energy market for decarbonizing high-rise buildings and provide a blueprint so successful strategies can be adopted and implemented across many more buildings.

...Through a comprehensive retrofitting process, infrastructure in existing buildings will be replaced with more energy efficient heating and cooling technologies and solutions, spurring new jobs and significant economic activity. According to a 2019 analysis by Urban Green Council, if all buildings choose efficiency to meet their carbon goals, the retrofit market opportunity in New York City could be over $20 billion by 2030 while creating over 100,000 jobs by 2030. Increased energy efficiency can be achieved through window, door and wall insulation, energy efficient appliances, replacement of inefficient duct work, furnaces and boilers, and incorporation of clean energy technologies, such as heat pumps.
Read the full release on this program here.