Davis, CA to Require All-electric Wiring in New Homes February 03 2020

Staff writer Mark Anderson writes in the Sacramento Business Journal (Jan 24, 2020):

The California Energy Commission not the home is served by natural gas.

Davis had to get approval from the commission because its local ordinance exceeds the energy efficiency requirements of the 2019 California Energy Code.

The requirement is an incentive for builders to go all electric, said Greg Mahoney, chief building official in Davis. "We didn't want to tie their hands. Most developers want to give their customers a choice,” he said. “People seem really attached to gas for cooking."

By mandating that homes are pre-wired for electric appliances, it makes it simpler and cheaper for future conversion to electric space heating, clothes drying, water heating and cooking, Mahoney said.
Thanks to Jonathan Tham from PSEG-Long Island for this tip.