DEC GHG Reduction Regulations Out August 17 2020

From the NY DEC Delivers website:

DEC Releases Proposed GHG Reduction Regulations to Implement Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act

New York's Climate Act Sets Nation's Most Comprehensive Greenhouse Gas Limits

Proposal Combats Climate Change by Requiring Decreases in Methane and Other Harmful Gases-40 percent by 2030, 85 percent by 2050

Two Virtual Public Hearings scheduled for October 20, 2020

The Department of Environmental Conservation has applied the terms of the CLCPA regarding methane emissions to its greenhouse gas (GHG) calculations. This results in a striking increase in the estimate for how much carbon (CO2e) was being released in the base year of 1990. Under these revisions, fossil gas emissions are counted as far more damaging to the climate. This increases the GHG reduction benefit in each case where it is replaced with renewables, such as heat pumps replacing gas furnaces and wind and solar generation replacing gas power plants.
From 6 NYCRR Section 496.4 Statewide Emission Limits:
(a) For the purposes of this Part, the estimated level of statewide greenhouse gas emissions in 1990 is 401.38 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, using a GWP20 as provided in the IPCC assessment report.

(b) For the purposes of this Part, the table below establishes statewide emission limits for the year specified, as a percentage of estimated 1990 statewide greenhouse gas emissions of 60 percent and 15 percent, respectively, measured in millions of metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent gas using a GWP20 as provided in the IPCC assessment report.

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