Elected Officials Comment on Gas Proceeding October 19 2020

Ninety-one (91) elected officials from across New York State signed a letter to the NY Public Service Commission that was filed October 15th by Catherine F. Parker, Westchester County Board of Legislators, 7th Legislative District.

The letter supports the Commission's proceeding and offers the following:

We ask the PSC to use this proceeding to impose measurable emissions reduction requirements on gas utilities to achieve the goals of the CLCPA [Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act]. Climate change is rapidly exceeding worst case predictions; aggressive goals and benchmarks for energy transition are needed to get ahead of the escalating speed of the climate emergency…

NYSERDA must provide guidance and resources to cities and towns for responsible development. New construction is one of the drivers of gas expansion, but it is often more economical for new buildings to go "all electric" with energy efficiency, heat pumps, and induction stoves, rather than investing in outdated fossil fuel combustion technologies. Local municipalities and cities need planning resources to help their local residents and businesses avoid costly retrofits, stranded assets, and crises due to gas moratoria.