Geotargeted Retirement of Gas Infrastructure July 13 2020

There is so much to read in the Natural Resources Defense Council's recently filed paper on Gas Regulation for a Decarbonized New York.

In Section 6: "Recommendations for Updating New York Gas Utility Regulation" it says:

While New York's current proceeding on gas planning is focused on planning for new investments…the CLCPA also requires addressing the utilities' existing assets...

...[C]lassic utility approaches to addressing these challenges individually are no longer viable because they would increase sales, emissions, and revenue requirements. An alternate approach would entail strategic and planned retirement of portions of the gas distribution system. In this approach, ...the utility would take a geotargeted approach to electrification and switch customers served by a particular distribution line, then retire that line...This...opens opportunities for new business models [our emphasis] including those built around new kinds of shared heating infrastructure (see Section 7 [sic, it should be 8.1]).

The study provides a diagram of "an example of how this process could work" on page 27.

NY-GEO is also quoted on page 24 from their 100-foot rule filing in the PSC Gas Proceeding 20-G-0131.