GHPs Address Six Microgrid Imperatives September 14 2020

"Six microgrid imperatives addressed by geothermal heat pumps" is a 2-page article by NY-GEO member Will Lange, WaterFurnace’s Director of Business Development & Utility Marketing. Published in Distributed Energy magazine, Lange notes:

...microgrids will play a role in the future of energy distribution. How many meters will be on a microgrid in 2030 is hard to predict. Nevertheless, it’s a good bet that there will be quite a few more than today. With that in mind, here are six microgrid paradigms with corresponding design imperatives.

They are:

  1. Power is Precious
  2. Onsite Sourcing is Best
  3. Electricity is the Highest Form of Energy
  4. Disruptions are Your Problem
  5. Storage is Good
  6. Climate Resilience is critical

Lange explains these imperatives and notes how geothermal heat pumps help address each of them.

In addition to the web article, WaterFurnace has published a brochure that contains the article and a back page listing seven utility challenges with a sentence for each on how geothermal heating and cooling helps solve that challenge.