Heat Pump Energy and $ Savings Tool April 20 2020

The Renewable Thermal Alliance (RTA), the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA), NYSERDA and the Vermont Energy Improvement Corporation (VEIC) are developing a regional tool for consumers to use in calculating the energy, dollar and greenhouse gas savings from converting their heating and cooling systems to heat pumps.

Here is a recording of the initial webinar to introduce the tool. It will be crucial for this tool to be accurate and input from stakeholders is sought. We urge stakeholders to watch this hour-long presentation if you can and/or contact nygeoinfo@gmail.com if you have helpful data.

Studies such as in situ air source (including ccASHPs) and ground source systems that shows seasonal COP or EERs in the Northeast are very useful. Data that can show kWh consumed for a given size home—similar to the My Energy Use in the WaterFurnace Symphony system—would be helpful.

Also of importance are real installation costs of heat pump systems where we can develop an average cost per ton (before incentives).

Thanks to NY-GEO members Jim Thomas and John Rhyner for taking leadership roles on this.