How to Move Away from Fossil Fuels March 02 2020

The European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) released a 36-page booklet titled Heat Pumps in Renovation Vol. 1 The most flexible technology when renovating any kind of building on February 28, 2020.

It says in part:
Efficient deployment of heat pumps in multifamily buildings is possible.

How to move fossil fuels out of the built environment was a main topic of the #DecarbCities conference that took place yesterday in Vienna.

Representatives from different cities acknowledged that options are limited and include (renewables and waste based) district heating, central and decentral heat pumps and green gas.

At the same time, technology development on heat pump solutions has advanced to a dimension that allows the efficient deployment of heat pumps also in multifamily buildings as a number of the presenters illustrated convincingly…

"It is important to demystify the use of heat pump technology in buildings. A family of solutions exists that all builds on the refrigerant cycle providing heating, cooling and hot water both in central (district heating, office buildings) and decentral solutions. In addition, heat pump systems provide flexibility to the grid and help maximize the self-consumption of locally produced electricity from photovoltaics and similar sources," says Thomas Nowak, Secretary General of the EHPA.
Thanks to Dave Hatherton of the Ontario Geothermal Association for this tip.