IEEFA Report: NESE Pipeline Not Needed April 27 2020

The well-respected Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) has issued a report on the Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) gas pipeline. Titled "Proposed NESE Gas Pipeline in New York: A Bad Bargain for Ratepayers and Taxpayers: Modern Energy Planning Would Be a Better Approach," it finds National Grid's demand projections are unrealistic and that more sustainable and affordable options are available. It also states "National Grid's projections raise more questions than they answer."

From the press release on the report:

"The NESE pipeline proposal fails to take into account today’s reality of increased efficiency, technological advancements and more affordable, sustainable renewable options,” said report lead author and IEEFA policy analyst Suzanne Mattei. “This proposal is unwise and high-risk with ratepayers expected to bear the brunt of the cost."
From the report's conclusion section:
Asking New Yorkers to foot the bill for a $1 billion pipeline that is not needed is not responsible. Ten years ago, this may have made sense, but time and innovation have made this proposal a monument to the past. Future economic growth in New York can be achieved using the best practices we have now, not outdated remedies.
See the full report available here.