Imagine a NY Sunset Date for Fossil Fuel Heating November 30 2020

At the Wednesday, Nov. 19 meeting of the a Energy Efficiency and Housing Advisory Panel (EE&HAP) to the NYS Climate Action Council, the graphic below was presented as an illustrative example of how codes could be changed to help meet the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) goals for the heating sector.

This slide hasn't yet been fully discussed or adopted (or uploaded to the CAC website) by the EE&HAP and may need legislative approval for provisions that would be needed for adoption. But it is an important vision that many believe is crucial to meeting the CLCPA goals.

The timeline below would end fossil fuels in new single-family homes by 2025 and end new and replacement fossil fuel heating system sales by 2030.

Look for the presentation to go up on the Advisory Panels Meetings and Materials EE&HAP website soon.

Here is the proposal NY-GEO has developed of a glide path to sunset fossil fuels in the heating sector.