Is Banning Natural Gas Legal? January 06 2020

Inside Climate News featured an article by Phil McKenna (2019 12 12) titled "These Cities Want to Ban Natural Gas. But Would It Be Legal?" It is subtitled "Cambridge, Massachusetts, got a surprise warning as it considered a natural gas ban to reduce its climate impact."

Although California municipalities have recently passed natural gas bans, it may not be that easy for those in other states since building codes and utility regulations vary from state to state. California regulators had no problem with the local bans of natural gas there, but cities in Massachusetts might run afoul of state law.

McKenna writes:

The reason: the city ordinances and town bylaws in Massachusetts may conflict with existing regulations that are governed by the state. During a Cambridge City Council committee meeting Wednesday, the city's attorney advised that a proposed gas ban there might not stand up to legal scrutiny. The state attorney general's office is also reviewing the legality of a ban approved last month by the Boston suburb of Brookline on natural gas heating in new buildings…