Marbletown, NY Commits to All-Renewable Future September 21 2020, 0 Comments

The Banner reported on Marbletown's Environmental Conservation Commission stating:

Environmental Conservation Commission Invites "Champions" to Lead Community's Shift from Fossil Fuels

On Tuesday, September 1, 2020, Marbletown's Town Board unanimously adopted a plan to shift local energy use to renewables for power, heating, cooling and transportation. In addition to protecting the climate, the plan would save residents money, according to Marbletown Environmental Conservation Commission (ECC) Chair Tom Konrad. In Marbletown, full electrification and renewables could cut residents' energy expenses by about 40%, or $6.5 million annually, Konrad told the Board while presenting the plan.

Created by the Marbletown ECC in collaboration with Sustainable Hudson Valley (SHV), the plan offers specific strategies and tools to assist residents and businesses in making voluntary changes. The plan focuses on educating the community about renewably powered alternatives to older equipment and vehicles, when they are ready to be replaced. It also encourages local policies that can make the switch easier while saving people money.

See some background on Marbletown's energy outlook in Green Technica's "A Small New York Town Plans a Profitable, 100% Renewable Energy Future."

You can read the whole Banner article, saved as a PDF, and the ECC Action Plan.

Thanks to The Banner for this tip.

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