Massachusetts: Pipes or Wires? January 27 2020

Audrey Schulman, the co-executive director of HEET in Massachusetts, wrote a guest article on the Rocky Mountain Institute website. Audrey championed the Energy Shift Pilot Project, an eLab Accelerator Teams project at e-Lab Accelerator 2019. She writes:

After the 2018 explosions in the Merrimack Valley, it has become a community priority to replace gas with other viable heating sources in Massachusetts. Audrey's team explored the business viability of transitioning communities to utility-owned and -operated renewable geothermal district systems. The detailed implementation plans advanced significantly while the team was at Accelerator, and HEET is currently working with utilities on multiple pilot project proposals...

We want to embrace a vision of a future where all the energy for our buildings comes from renewables. We imagine vast fields of solar panels and wind turbines glittering in the sun, all our energy delivered through wires, our electric companies transforming into renewable electricity companies.
And, on a related note, Massachusetts is following New York's lead with a net-zero emissions goal for 2050. Thanks to Politico New York Energy (2020 01 24) for this last news item.