Moravec Voted to NY-GEO Board September 07 2020

Driller and geothermal installer Kevin Moravec was elected to the NY-GEO board at its August 24th meeting. Moravec is president of Barney Moravec, Inc. a company that has developed well over 800 geothermal installations and drilled more than one-half million feet of closed geo-exchange loops.

In 2016, Moravec purchased VanHee Heating and has overseen the development of the company to be a leading installer of both GSHP and cold climate ASHP. VanHee has installed over 4,000 GSHP systems since 1979. More recently, Moravec helped create the Ground Up Geothermal Alliance of Western New York, an organization that created a standardized methodology of GSHP installation, a custom loop system along with 100% domestic hot water and WaterFurnace Variable Capacity 7 series. Welcome Kevin!