More on the Con Edison $3,000 Incentive September 14 2020

Last week we reported on a $3,000 incentive offered by Con Edison in addition to their $2,850 per ton rebate for geothermal installations. The $3,000 pre-payment incentive is paid to the contractor at the time of application and is not required to be passed along to the customer until the project is complete. The installer will have that incentive available for operations to improve cash flow.

Also, the application only needs to be submitted by 10/31 to get the extra $3,000. However, the project does not need to be completed until up to 120 days later (about 2/28/2021).

ICF is Con Ed's contractor for the geothermal program and they have expressed a strong willingness to help contractors through the application process. Contact Joe Cascio at for more information.

NY-GEO urges contractors to take advantage of this bonus. If it is successful in stimulating the market as the company intends, utilities across the state will have this bonus as an example of a measure that will help them to meet their heat pump goals.

Below are some images used for GHP outreach to Con Ed customers.