Nat Grid's Gas Options March 02 2020

POLITICO New York Energy's (2020 02 25) Marie J. French reports:

A gap between available natural gas and demand in the coming decade could be closed with new infrastructure, such as a pipeline or new liquefied natural gas facilities, or a portfolio exclusively focused on reducing gas usage, according to a new report by National Grid [] released on Monday. The report, required under Grid's agreement with the state to lift its moratorium on new hookups in downstate New York, outlines various options for closing a long-term supply gap with cost estimates, timelines, permitting requirements and potential risks. The utility is required to present these options at public meetings in New York City and on Long Island — six meetings are scheduled in March. While National Grid had previously argued that the Williams Northeast Supply Enhancement pipeline was the best long-term solution to meet gas demand, and urged customers impacted by the moratorium to lobby in support of that project, the report avoids making any final judgment. It does say that without a long-term infrastructure solution such as the pipeline, there is a risk of moratoriums on new service if electrification or efficiency programs miss targets.

—Food and Water Action's Laura Shindell: "National Grid is peddling the same old dirty energy solutions — more fracked gas delivered by dangerous means, whether it's pipelines, barges, or trucks." Shindell also raised concerns about Grid limiting public testimony at the information sessions. Utility spokeswoman Karen Young said attendees would have the option of submitting online or written comments or "reading a feedback statement into the record." Both Grid and the Public Service Commission will review the comments. Grid plans to issue an interim report summarizing them to assist with selecting an option in June 2020.
You can read the NPR report on National Grid's report here.

Thanks to NY-GEO member Zach Fink, of ZBF Geothermal, for this tip.