Natural Gas Leaks Deadly For Trees May 25 2020

Clean Technica reported on a study that took place in Chelsea, Massachusetts, a low-income immigrant community near Boston. The study, "Natural gas leaks and tree death: A first-look case-control study of urban trees in Chelsea, MA, USA" is detailed in ScienceDirect.

Clean Technica reported:

It is not just the process of drilling for natural gas — that unnatural process — that bares the land of trees. We know that drilling, gas extraction, and fracking are associated with huge amounts of water contamination (fracking wastewater can even be radioactive), explosion hazards, and corruption of the human health. Yet, it is worse than that. "Natural gas" is also deadly for the trees that line our city streets…Trees help oxygenate, provide shading, and help cool the heat waves of summer.

It also quoted InsideClimate News noting:

Dead or dying trees were 30 times more likely to have been exposed to methane in the soil surrounding their roots than healthy trees…suggesting that the gas had leaked from natural gas pipelines, which are typically buried beneath roadways.

View the Clean Technica article and video here. And read the entire study at Science Direct.

Thanks to Green Energy Times. (2020 05 23) for alerting us to this item.