NESE Pipeline Unneeded? April 13 2020

NJ Spotlight reported on April 9, 2020:
New Research Boosts Arguments Against Need for Raritan Bay Pipeline

While National Grid claims pipeline will alleviate shortage in natural gas supply, study concludes the company will likely have a substantial gas surplus

...The project, if approved, would be built by the Williams Companies, but so far it's been denied permits by both regulators in New Jersey and New York. The company has reapplied for permits in both states, which are currently under review.

A new Synapse Energy Economics analysis concluded that the company has not shown that it faces a supply and demand gap, and in fact, is expected to have a substantial surplus of gas capacity by 2034 at the earliest.
See also My Central New Jersey for a more detailed review of the Synapse Report for Eastern Environmental Law Center on National Grid capacity.

Thank you Politico New York Energy (2020 04 10) for alerting us to this item.