NY-GEO Proposes Changes to GSHP QA Checklist for Utility Rebate Program August 31 2020

After doing an extensive review of the Ground Source Heat Pump Quality Assurance Checklist, NY-GEO sent the Joint Management Committee (JMC) a set of recommended changes to checklist. This checklist was filed June 1st by The Joint Utilities of New York for use in the statewide Heat Pump Rebate Program. The JMC is made up of utility and NYSERDA representatives.

NY-GEO's changes are meant to provide a robust quality assurance program while shortening, simplifying and clarifying the checklist and eliminating conflicts between local code enforcement and quality assurance activities.

NY-GEO representatives are looking forward to discussing the proposal with the JMC, which has been responsive to concerns NY-GEO has been raising about the rebate program implementation.