NYC: End Fossil Fuel Burning in Buildings by 2040 March 09 2020

S&P Global Market Intelligence reports:

New York City's path to limiting natural gas in buildings could look very different than the course that California towns and cities have charted — and, as a result, could go farther than other measures already in the works.

Mayor Bill de Blasio recently announced his administration will aim to end the use of natural gas and fuel oil in buildings by 2040, following a wave of gas bans and building electrification codes in California, the Boston area and Seattle. The announcement on Feb. 6 signaled that the nation's most populous city could soon set about electrifying a portion of its more than 1 million buildings.
See State of the City 2020 End the Use of Fossil Fuels, including Natural Gas, in Buildings for details.

Thanks to Jonathan Tham of PSEG-Li for this tip.