NYS: $1.6 Billion in Subsidies to Fossil Fuels March 16 2020

POLITICO New York Energy (2020 03 09) reports reports "Sen. Liz Kreuger [sic] and Assemblyman Kevin Cahill want to eliminate tax subsidies for the purchase of fossil fuels in New York, as well as other exemptions."

Rick Karlin, writes in his article "Lawmakers want to reassess fossil fuel breaks" in the Albany Times Union (March 6, 2020):

New York is poised to spend lots of money in the years ahead to fuel the pursuit of a carbon-free economy, which is envisioned in the new Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act passed last summer.

…At the same time, New York’s tax code also includes an estimated $1.6 billion in subsidies for the use of fossil fuels such as oil and gas. Now, a pair of lawmakers want to shine a light on those subsidies eventually phase many of them out.