NYS Clean Heat Stakeholders Conference October 26 2020

The New York Electric Utilities and NYSERDA have established a Joint Management Committee (JMC) for the NYS Clean Heat Statewide Heat Pump Program. NYS Department of Public Service Staff will serve in an oversight and consultative role.

The JMC plans to host two stakeholder forums each year and the first, Heat Pump Program Stakeholder Conference, will be held on November 20, 2020 from 10 AM - Noon.

Here is the agenda, in part, from the notice:

NYS Clean Heat Program Update
  • Program performance
  • Program processes and documents
  • JMC work group update
  • Eligible technologies
  • NYSERDA market development
  • Future considerations and plans
Open Discussion*

Growing the Heat Pump Market
  • How would you characterize customer awareness and perception of heat pump technologies? What information or arguments are most influential in convincing customers to consider and purchase heat pumps?
  • What type of tools or resources would be helpful in expanding customer awareness of these technologies? Would certain customer segments benefit more than others from increased awareness?
  • How can the JMC, Electric Utilities, and associated parties support increased adoption of heat pump technologies throughout New York State?
  • In what ways has COVID continued to impact customer decisions, business activities, sales pipelines and project completion? Please share specifics.
Supporting the Contractor Network
  • How have code, regulatory, and technical considerations played a role in project design and completion?
  • What new types of contractor/manufacturer/code official trainings would be helpful in the market?

Read the entire notice to the conference here. Here is the link to register for the meeting.