NYSEG/RG&E: $1.5M for Heat Pumps to LMIs July 20 2020

From the recently filed Joint Proposal in the NYSEG/RG&E rate case (this page takes a long time to load), Appendix M, Section 13 (p. 197):

...The remaining NYSEG funds [$750,000] will be used for an enhanced heat pump rebate program to be developed by NYSEG. The enhanced heat pump rebate program will be available for households with income of 120% of state median income or less, low income housing providers, and nonprofits. Eligibility criteria, incentive levels and application processes will be developed in partnership with NYSERDA Clean Heating and Cooling Community programs that are operating in the NYSEG service territory. With respect to RG&E customers, RG&E commits up to $750,000 in previously unspent economic development funds for a comparable enhanced heat pump rebate program to be deployed in RG&E's territory.