NYSEG/RG&E Precedent-setting Rate Case November 23 2020

On Thursday November 22, 2020 the Public Service Commission (PSC) set a 3-year rate plan for NYSEG and RG&E retroactive to April 2020. The plan includes a $30 million fund for financially stressed residential and small business customers. In settlement negotiations grass roots parties fought for and won several important and precedent-setting curbs on gas expansion. From a joint press release from the environmental groups:

The gas agreement, which was called "a model for future rate cases" by regulators today, includes a slate of gas reduction strategies, retraction of $128 million for gas infrastructure including pipelines, and funding of $1.5 million for renewable heating systems for low-income residents on top of the utilities' other incentives for renewable heating and energy efficiency. Importantly, as part of the agreement, NYSEG and RG&E also committed to planning for no gas growth (offsetting new gas customers with heat pumps and efficiency), to stop marketing gas, and to seek alternatives to nearly all new gas investments.

Read the full press release from environmental groups that participated in the settlement negotiations and the PSC press release.