NYSERDA: $10M for Demonstration Study for Heat Pumps in LMI Buildings December 21 2020

NYSERDA is making a $10 million investment in a Demonstration Study for Heat Pumps in LMI Buildings to spur electrification in the low- to moderate-income (LMI) housing sector. The funding will provide a pool of real-world projects to use to study practical barriers and measure impacts on and benefits to LMI households from the installation of heat pumps as part of comprehensive energy efficiency programs. The demonstration effort is expected to see funds awarded within the next year and will see project implementation and evaluation that takes place over a 1-to-3-year period.

$5 million is available to qualified contractors to install heat pumps in approximately 500 LMI single family residential homes through NYSERDA's EmPower and Assisted Home Performance Programs. An additional $5 million is available to serve approximately 3,000 multifamily affordable units through NYSERDA's Multifamily Performance Program.

These projects will allow the state to study and develop best practices and incentive structures for increased heat pump adoption for the LMI housing sector across the state — helping those who need it most.

For single family, there is a contractor resources page that includes required project documentation and Frequently Asked Questions.

For multifamily, Multifamily Building Solutions Providers can download PDFs for information on participation and Frequently Asked Questions or via the MPP Provider Portal.