Pace Energy and Climate Center Gas Plan Webinar July 20 2020

Pace Energy and Climate Center is holding a webinar, “Zero Net Gas: An Actionable Framework for Managing Gas Demand Reduction as a Pathway to Decarbonizing the Gas Utility and Buildings Sectors,” on Tuesday, July 21, 12:00pm EST. You can register for it here.

From an email send by Radina Valova of Pace:

As states set ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets, we face significant barriers to decarbonization, including entrenched regulatory regimes that incentivize gas growth and tension between environmental and consumer advocates, utilities, and other stakeholders.

The first and foremost barrier is stopping the continued rise in gas demand -- and the distribution and upstream pipeline infrastructure growth it drives.

Pace Energy and Climate Center invites you to join us for a presentation of our forthcoming white paper, to be released on July 21, aimed at addressing these barriers.