PSC on Renewable Heating January 13 2020

This Thursday, January 16th, the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) plans to issue orders on two major issues.

First notable item on the agenda is the settlement for the Con Edison rate case. Community, environmental and clean energy organizations have been up in arms over the proposal, which leaves in place millions of ratepayer dollars to be spent on gas infrastructure. NY-GEO has signed on to the plan due to several positive elements that support renewable heating, but has no disagreement with the objecting organizations that far more is needed to successfully address climate change.

The second major item is the New Efficiency: New York order on energy efficiency. This order, is expected to require large increases in energy efficiency, including setting targets for replacing fossil fuel heating with heat pumps. A white paper released in December of 2018 indicated an intention to turn over incentive programs to the utilities. This order has been anticipated for months and is expected to have a major impact on renewable heating in New York State.

The Commission meeting starts at 10:30 AM and will be webcast on the internet