Renewable Heat Now Urges Calls to Cuomo July 27 2020

Renewable Heat Now is asking people to call Governor Cuomo to urge him to choose the "no Infrastructure" option for National Grid's heating customers:

In Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island, National Grid has proposed a plan to spend hundreds of millions of ratepayer dollars on new fracked gas pipelines, polluting compressor stations, and fracked gas storage facilities. However, Governor Cuomo has the power to stop these proposals and insist that National Grid select (and augment) the renewable energy "no infrastructure" option in their proposal.

The renewable energy "no infrastructure" options include:
  • reducing gas demand through energy efficiency, including weatherization;
  • getting customers off gas with efficient electric appliances such as induction stoves for cooking and heat pumps for building and hot water heating (i.e. beneficial electrification);
  • using timers on thermostats and other means of cutting peak demand (i.e. demand response).

Renewable Heat Now is urging everyone to call Governor Cuomo this week at 877-235-6537 with the following message:

Governor Cuomo, please stand up to the corporate utilities and defend New York's climate law! Say NO to National Grid's plans for more fossil fuels. And say YES to the "no infrastructure" renewable options!