Rhode Island Heating Sector Decarbonization Report June 08 2020

The Brattle Group has prepared an important new study examining Rhode Island's options for decarbonizing the heating sector by 2050. To date, most studies of this type have narrowed their focus to air source heat pumps as the alternative to fossil fuel heating.

Brattle examined scenarios where air source and ground source heat pumps each carried 100% of the decarbonization load, as well as one where they each carried a third and renewable gas and oil carried a third.

The charts below, Sorted Electric Load Hours and Impact of Electrifying Heat via ASHP vs GSHP—2050, show the difference Brattle found in the impact on peak electric demand with the 100% ASHP and 100% GSHP scenarios. Peak demand is a key determinant of electricity prices, and Brattle found the 100% ASHP scenario would very significantly increase peak demand.