RMI on National Grid's Analysis of Options March 09 2020

POLITICO New York Energy (2020 03 03) reported the "Rocky Mountain Institute has some thoughts on National Grid's 118 page analysis of options for its natural gas shortage downstate."

The February 28th RMI "New York Can Meet Its Energy Needs without a New Pipeline" report says:

A prolonged battle over a natural gas pipeline in New York is presenting state officials with a critical decision point and an opportunity to establish themselves as national leaders in climate action. In contrast to utility National Grid’s proposal to build a $1 billion gas pipeline to serve customers in New York City and Long Island, there is another path to meet those energy needs, utilizing customer-focused solutions like energy efficiency, electrification, and demand response.

Resisting the call for new gas infrastructure and charting a different course requires bold, unprecedented steps, but such ambitious action is better for residents' health and critical to meeting the state's ambitious climate goals, and can also be cost-effective.
You can read National Grid's "Natural Gas Long-Term Capacity Report" here.

Thanks to NY-GEO member Paul Coons and Green Energy Times (2020 03 06) for this tip.