Sign On Letter on Gas Expansion Lynchpin June 22 2020

NY-GEO is taking on the gas expansion lynchpin that incentivizes gas conversion. Please consider signing on. This lynchpin is the "100-Foot Rule." It requires gas utilities to provide free (up to 100 feet) gas pipes and infrastructure to building owners who request gas service. This is paid for by other ratepayers.

NY-GEO is challenging this practice as both outdated and a barrier to New York reaching its climate goals. It has requested the Public Service Commission to order utilities to begin reporting the cost of this gas subsidy, which is currently obscured.

Renewable Heat Now is circulating an organizational sign-on letter, open to all businesses and organizations, to support an accurate disclosure of this subsidy. To sign on, send your name, organization, and any organizational title to no later than end-of-business on Monday, June 29th.

Here is the entire 100 Foot Cost Request filing from NY-GEO. If you are unable to sign on for your business or organization but would like to submit a supporting comment as an individual, you can do so by clicking on the blue "Post Comments" button at the bottom of the page on the PSC Gas Planning Procedures website page.