Social Cost of Carbon June 22 2020

When we use fossil fuels, we pay only a fraction of the cost on our fuel bills. We also pay in the form of negative impacts on our lives (including health, agricultural, environmental and climate change) that are funded through our taxes, health and property insurance and other costs.

The "No North Brooklyn Pipeline" campaign held a teach-in this past week that included a presentation by Robert Howarth, a Cornell Professor of Ecology and Environmental Biology. Howarth is a member of the New York Climate Action Council, a body appointed to oversee efforts to meet the state's climate goals.

In his presentation, Howarth laid out data showing that gas (primarily composed of methane) is far worse for the climate than commonly perceived. Howarth's graphic below pegs the true cost of the leaks that happen in the production, transmission and use of gas to be incredibly expensive.

Here is the video of the teach-in. Howarth's presentation starts at about the 29-minute mark.