Submit a Comment for Heat Pumps, Not Pipelines April 27 2020

Renewable Heat Now (RHN) launched its Earth Day 2020 campaign, "Heat Pumps, Not Pipelines," on April 22, 2020. See their campaign's statement here. It leads with:

The Renewable Heat Now campaign applauds the NY Public Service Commission (PSC) for considering the role of methane gas in New York’s energy future via an official proceeding launched on March 19th. In so doing, the Department is acknowledging the growing body of evidence that demonstrates the outsized atmospheric warming impact of methane gas when upstream emissions and leaks are accounted for. The continued build out of gas infrastructure by the utilities is irresponsible from both a climate and fiscal perspective and if unabated will prevent New York State from meeting its greenhouse gas reduction targets outlined in the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act.

RHN has made it easy for you to submit a comment quickly on the new PSC Gas Planning Proceeding.