The False Promise of "Renewable Natural Gas" March 16 2020

David Roberts writes in a Vox article (updated Feb 20, 2020) titled The False Promise of "Renewable Natural Gas":

It’s no substitute for shifting to clean electricity.

To stay in line with the targets laid out in the Paris climate agreement, the US needs to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, known as “deep decarbonization.” Virtually every credible study on deep decarbonization agrees on the basics of a strategy to get there.

The heart of the strategy is cleaning up the power grid, which is currently responsible for 28 percent of US greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions...

Concurrently, two of the biggest sources of GHGs, transportation and buildings, must switch over to run on that zero-carbon power. The transportation system (29 percent of US emissions) is almost entirely powered by gasoline and diesel; it must transition to electric vehicles to the extent possible. And buildings (also 29 percent of US emissions) are now frequently heated and cooled by oil or, more commonly, by natural gas; they must transition to electric heating and cooling to the extent possible.

This strategy — for which I use the shorthand "electrify everything!" — is beginning to catch on… In a relatively short span of time, a robust "all-electric movement" has emerged, as dozens of towns and cities take steps to encourage all-electric construction in new buildings.
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Thanks to NY-GEO Director of Operations JR Rath for this tip.