Virginia: The Humble Heat Pump That Killed The Beast July 13 2020

Clean Technica's Tina Casey (2020 07 06) wrote:

So, Dominion Energy and Duke Energy finally cancelled the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Stakeholders in the proposed new gas pipeline may be frothing and fuming now, but the activists and land owners who fought tooth and nail in court against the project have just done them a huge favor. In fact, the message to all fossil fuel stakeholders is clear: get out now while you have a chance.

...All of this renewable energy activity is so exciting, but when it comes to heating peoples' homes it is hard to beat fossil gas. Kidding! In many countries around the world, electric heat pumps are the heating technology of choice, and the trend is finally catching on in the US.

Here is an map showing the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Here is the Green Tech Media article suggesting the recent Atlantic Coast and Dakota Access pipeline halts are part of a trend.

Thanks to NY-GEO member Paul Coons for this tip.