Williams Pipeline Rejected! May 18 2020

The Huffington Post reports, in part:

Late Friday afternoon, the state Department of Environmental Conservation denied the Williams company's second application for a permit to extend a gas pipeline from New Jersey via Raritan Bay through the southern portion of New York Bay. In an 18-page letter, Daniel Whitehead, director of the agency's Division of Environmental Permits, cited the "apparent lack of need for the Project, as well as its increased impacts to water quality as compared to identified alternatives" to reject the proposal with prejudice, meaning the company cannot reapply.

…But the rejection could spur new challenges from the Trump administration, which last year sought to limit the state's ability to use the federal Clean Water Act to block projects like the pipeline.

…[This controversial pipeline] would lock the nation's largest city into decades of dependence on fracked gas when scientists say the world needs to rapidly wean off fossil fuels.
See the Renewable Heat Now statement on the DEC's Williams decision.