Zero Place and the Future of Geothermal October 19 2020

“Zero Place boreholes under building

On Oct 13, 2020 Contactor magazine featured an article about Zero Place, "Zero Place and The Future of Geothermal," by Steve Spaulding. Here is an excerpt:

Award-winning, multifamily, mixed-use building to deliver the data that proves the technology.

...The idea behind Zero Place was to build a net-zero, mixed-use, multifamily building in New Paltz, New York, that could be a model for projects across the Northeast. had completed a similar building...which immediately gave them an advantage over the competition.

...Construction broke ground in 2018 and Zero Place is scheduled to open for its first tenants sometime in December of 2020 (the COVID-19 pandemic pushed back the opening by several months). The building will feature 46 residential units (25 two-bed, 21 one-bed), including five affordable housing units, and 8,400 sq. ft. of retail space.

This is the first multifamily building at this scale to go Net Zero in a cold climate with winter peaks as low as -15° F that we know of.

Read the full article here.

Zero Place, in New Paltz, NY, was also featured in a previous NY-GEO blog.

“Zero Place borehole field
“Zero Place solar panels