2019 Exhibitor Reimbursement

Any GSHP Rebate installer, distributor or manufacturer who is planning to exhibit to the NY-GEO conference can submit to PON 3694 for 50% cost sharing.  Distributors and manufacturers are defined as those that sell a program-eligible heat pump.

 Here are the rules:

 For Events (industry trade shows, conferences, in-store and/or community events, as well as mobile demonstrations or showroom displays)

  • Submit overview of the event, including anticipated attendance or foot traffic, and description of how heat pumps will be promoted
  • Display educational materials related to heat pumps
  • Back-up documentation detailing and itemizing costs associated with the event

Overview for you to use written by NY-GEO:

"NY-GEO 2019 is America's premier Renewable Heating and Cooling conference this year.  There is a spacious exhibit area where registration, happy hour and all meals and snacks take place.  This has proved an excellent marketing venue in past years.  NY-GEO expects 300 attendees at the conference."

NY-GEO we will be happy to supply you with a receipt for your exhibit fee for detailing your costs.  Just email us at nygeoinfo@gmail.com and let us know if you need it.